Life is not only about aiming to earn huge loads of money or making up your CVs, but it’s also about loving your profession. It has been seen that most of the people regret later and often quit their jobs due to lack of interest or as they say they didn’t get their dream job.

Every student, who has opted for Science stream, has faced the big dilemma of “which engineering stream should be chosen”? While there is no one answer to this life changing question, through the years of experience and exploration, career counsellors have figured out ways to make the decision making process easier. Engineering encompasses 6 major

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How to become a Career Counsellor?

Thursday, 15 June 2017 by

 “May the odds ever be in your favour?” At some point in our lives, we all face those kinds of days where we seek others guidance for our personal/professional matters. But, did you ever think that you could make a career by just giving someone a piece of advice? Yes, you can! We all have

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It doesn’t require one to be an astronaut to understand why the common trend of highly skilled and educated individuals is to go abroad for a job and then live there consequently. With the barrier of a border, melts away the work culture and so does the red tape towards the opportunity of a progressive

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Top Universities for Robotics

Friday, 19 May 2017 by

Robotics has emerged as one of the most popular career choices among students in the last few years. The field of Robotics allows students to explore foundations in mechanical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering. A study in this field enables them to create and develop robotics devices which have several applications in numerous fields.

Alternatives to an MBA in USA

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 by

Every student dreams of getting access to education that not only stimulates the brain and informs it, but also allows fresh ideas to be fostered and encouraged, without the fear of judgement and scorn. Every student wishes to be a part of an institute that nurtures fresh talent without hindering it from thinking freely. The

Parents today are more than just an authoritarian figure. They are companions, teachers, and guides. With a better educational system wherein the children are educated to be self independent and are taught to make decisions and choices all by themselves the role of a parent reduces. Parents who are involved understand and know their children

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“Is studying abroad worth it?” is a million-dollar question that has no definite answer. There are a number of factors that go behind opting for overseas education. Owing to this, the answer can vary for different people. There’s a reason career guidance experts and career counselling agencies are becoming so popular nowadays. What are the

Class 12th or intermediate, as they call it, is a crucial time in a student’s life. It marks a student’s initiation into a full-fledged career life. Yes, it is the time to take tough decisions, make some commitments and start on a journey of self-discovery. Now there is no one way to answer “what to

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Career counselling is a tricky business not because it deals with rather sensitive and pivotal issues but also because career counsellors will never clear all your doubts. Yes, you heard it right. Think of it like this: individuals evolve over time and so do their interests. Besides, the times have changed. There are not only

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