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Every student dreams of top 10 study abroad destinations, but it can be an overwhelming experience. All the countries have fantastic programs, and they all look like beautiful options with their perks. One must first understand how to choose a study abroad destination to better focus.

It is essential to look at all the categories-

  • Affordability
  • Special programs
  • Culture
  • Liveability
  • Scholarship and many other aspects

To better guide you through the process, here is our list of the 10 best study-abroad destinations for Indian students


USA (The Land Of Opportunities)

America is one of the world’s most highly desirable and developed nations. The rich history of academic excellence and pioneering minds cultivated in every field adds to the nation’s allure. It is rich in natural landscapes and provides a traveller lifestyle while providing a high-income lifestyle to all.

The country attracts people of all cultures and ethnicities with a thriving community within the suburbs. Some of the best universities in the world are in the USA, and students will get access to the best minds in their fields.

Special quality is the incredible access and opportunity it provides to international students is by far the best in the world. According to us, it easily deserves every international student’s top 10 study abroad destinations.


Canada (Rich With Indian Communities) 

The North of North America, Canada, is a country of endless natural beauty and water reservoirs to sweep your feet into. The government is a hub for international students as it has the world’s most pro-immigrant policies and education system.

Students can apply to the best educational institutions with highly developed facilities for a great learning experience. International students also enjoy a healthy amount of benefits from the Canadian government like-

  • Up to 525 Canadian Dollars
  • Scholarships and Student Grants
  • Immense flexibility and unique gifts.

The features of the Canadian system’s special quality are the healthy social network for international students, students, community culture and outstanding livability. They are easily the best top 10 study abroad destinations for Indians as they have strong community roots established for a long time.

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Australia (Sunny Living And Friendly People) 

The country is a unique attraction for international students due to its sunny weather and friendly environment. Students get the option to work for up to 40 hours while they study at a world-class university.

It has rocky terrains and beautiful beaches to make the students’ summer vacation unforgettable.

Special qualities: include several research facilities, making it attractive for students to be part of cutting-edge studies. The exceptional quality of Australia is the rich environment, high calibre research facilities and friendly environment.


France (The Country Of Fine Taste And Culture)

It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with incredible architecture and beautiful countryside attracting students of all cultures. The French language is widely popular and spoken in every continent by various people.

Students get to study in the best universities and apply for generous scholarship policies that are welcomed by all. The beauty of Paris makes it one of the most unforgettable experiences for many.

Special Quality: The special quality of France is the opportunity to learn French, significant scholarship policies and a rich cultural environment.


Germany (Nightlife And Advanced Universities)

One of the more affordable and friendly options for international students, Germany has seen a significant rise in being the go-to choice in the past couple of years. The country has excellent livability and a vibrant culture, especially the nightlife scene is endless fun.

Students coming out of universities also see high placement rates and are pretty reliable as an option to immigrate. Furthermore, being part of Germany allows students to explore various beautiful architecture and natural landscapes.

It’s a country that welcomes immigrants and has a highly advanced economy.

Special Quality- Germany is that it is the perfect place to study, work and transition to full-time living with healthy salaries.

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Italy (Heart Of Architecture, Engineering And Good Food)

Italy is a country that has a special place in the hearts of international students for its incredible food, architecture and culture. The government has incredibly affordable study options, and it is the place to study for students interested in culinary, tourism and engineering.

For students who are immigrating from the EU, there is no requirement for a student visa, and it is very friendly to immigrants. Students will also get access to excellent public transportation and maintain a friendly, affordable living.

Special Quality- This country is a top study-abroad destination for students who love history, architecture, culture and Italian cuisine.


Japan (Cutting Edge And Culturally Unique)

Japan, as a country, possesses one of the most different and unique cultures from all the countries within the group. Steeped in strong traditions and one of the most technologically advanced countries, Japan is a hub for STEM students to make their mark.

Students in electronics and those interested in cutting-edge science fields will appreciate access to some pioneering projects. You can work on robotics and automobile engineering or apply for AI programs.

Creative students will appreciate the architecture, animation and incredible exemplary art programs.

Special Quality-International students will get healthy food at a low cost, affordable transportation and an extremely safe environment. It’s a special place to experience a rich, thriving technological pace mixed with a traditional cultural society.


Finland (Happiest Place On Earth And Affordable)

Every student wants to be happy in a foreign country, which is often their concern when leaving their hometown. So why not choose Finland, the government listed as the most comfortable in the world and one of the largest ecological paradises?

The country nearly tops all the major human quality index charts and is one of the most highly developed nations. As an international student,  explore the vast wilderness and get access to the best minds from across the globe.

Special Quality: Finland is one of the rare countries where international students can also apply for national healthcare facilities. The low cost of healthcare immediately makes it one of the more affordable study-abroad destinations, especially in the EU.


Scotland (Legacy Universities And Rich Culture)

This country is known for its unique culture, from bagpipes to beautiful natural landscapes. Scotland is a place that people from all across the globe visit to wander around and take in the beautiful sites. For International students, Scotland provides low-cost living, fantastic universities and a central ground for cutting-edge research.

The special quality that appeals to many international students is that one gets to be part of universities that have existed for centuries. The rich legacy and having the honour of completing a course here are like no other.

Special Qualities- If one is interested in STEM programs and loves the natural views, this is the perfect place to make your mark.

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South Korea (The Most Technologically Advanced)

The most unique aspect of this nation is that it is not rich in resources and historically has been impoverished many times. However, the nation’s decision to focus on creating one of the best educational systems in the world completely changed its fortunes.

The nation has one of the fastest internet connectivity and is incredibly digitized to serve all the needs of its residents. For international students, the opportunity to study here will allow them to go through one of the best programs in the world.

Special qualities– Once you are out of college, you can be part of the various Chaebols and get an opportunity to work in technologically advanced countries. Like Japan, South Korea provides students with a rich culture to tap into and be a part of a highly technological society.


You have now read about all the top 10 study-abroad destinations and what makes each country unique. If you have a list of specific universities in mind, hiring the best study abroad consultants is essential to ensure one has a fitting chance to be part of the prestigious institute.

Try to keep an open mind and go on college tours to understand better what each institute offers. Have a healthy, balanced perspective when selecting, as every aspect, from living to language to culture, can impact your studies.

Find your special reason and make the choice will become more simple.