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Going Abroad can be a nerve-wracking experience for many of the students and henceforth choosing a study abroad consultant is an important juncture . It is their first time leaving their hometown and the comfort of home life. For many, it is the time to prove their mettle and fulfil their parents’ dream, for which they save or make massive investments to ensure a bright future for their child.

It is a challenging endeavour as it requires one to be good at many skills and position oneself as the candidate that foreign embassies and college recruiters seek. To achieve the task of being abroad requires a skilled master to guide a person through the various ordeals and avoid the pitfalls of a typical comprehensive program.

Selecting a college study abroad program is akin to choosing a life partner, as they will ensure your smooth transition to adulthood and guide you to make the right decision at this crucial juncture. This blog will review all the critical qualities of the best Study abroad consultants and how to select one that suits you the best.

Explore Past Reviews 

In the digital age, we’re searching on the internet to validate our decisions or expand our opinions on any given thing. So, when selecting the best Study abroad consultants in India, it is essential to review the testimonials of all the clients and their valuable feedback.

Every unique feedback and constructive criticism about the Study abroad consultants can help one avoid the common pitfalls and plan accordingly.

Many institutions will make tall claims but select those with the receipts behind their lofty claim. The reviews build trust, and without faith, there is nothing.

All-Inclusive Support

The first and biggest initial hurdle to your journey of studying abroad often is the various certifications and tests one must clear to get into the college of your liking. IELTS, TOPEL and many other English tests are required to ensure that you can match the frequency of the teachers. For graduates who are interested in master’s, they have to apply for GRE, GMAT and many other exams.

Furthermore, the Study abroad consultants work on building a person’s personality to make their proposals to the university and visa officers. Some even provide communication training to bring fluency to expressing their thoughts.

Many study abroad consultants provide the students with a complete guide and training module to prepare for the challenging exams. One gets connected with various coaching institutions, and they will help you clear these hurdles with flying colours.

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Scholarships And Affordability

Education is essential, but one trend that is concerning in today’s time is that students are ultimately burdened with student loans. The consultation fees can, at times, reach astronomical highs. Good Study abroad consultants are conscious of the pressures a student and their family face.

They work towards providing all the best scholarship options for the brightest students and keep the consulting costs affordable to ensure that their present can handle future goals.

Tracking Your Application

Managing your application is often about working incredibly hard and then waiting for a long time to get the desired results. Working and waiting can often be infuriating, filling one with future anxiety and dread of future development.

The best study consultants ensure that the process of students’ college application is entirely transparent, where the candidate can track all their essential details and the terms are stated clearly for the candidate to grasp all the details thoroughly.

Broaden Your Horizons 

A traditional student has a set of countries and institutions they look forward to joining and has many strong ideas about their journey. When you connect with the best Study abroad consultants, their first job is to expand your horizon to other countries and universities that provide various study opportunities.

They have strong connections with many educators and can place the students in the seats in which they are most proficient. If their first meeting with the Study abroad consultant makes them feel overwhelmed by the new doors opening, they are in the right place and in the most exciting position to decide.

Worldwide Support

The feeling can be overwhelming once the students leave for their respective foreign universities and countries as they face a severe culture shock. The communication barriers become an issue as there is a massive time gap, which can limit the in-time support a student needs when facing severe problems like delay in college submission or some documentation requiring to be included.

The best Study abroad consultants in India have support staff working round the clock to give students the best and smoothest admission process possible.

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Why Nischay Educorp Is The Best Study Abroad Consultant In Delhi

Nischay Educorp started in 2013 but, in a short period, rose through the crowd and created its own identity as the best Study abroad consulting firm in Delhi. The rise through the ranks was achieved by some of the foremost minds in the education industry with the best connections and experience.

Our departments are broadly divided into two categories-

Student mentoring- They work with students to hone their personality communication skills and ensure application assistance through the tumultuous admission process.

Education Consultants- They work tirelessly to ensure that students can prepare for various exams at undergraduate and graduate levels. The Nischay Test Prep program is one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive, covering nearly all exams like-

  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • SAT

A dedicated team of educators works tirelessly to analyse all the exam patterns and ensure the best possible scores for students.

We have formed deep relationships with Universities across the globe, providing a dream college tour for you. Getting a feel for where you are heading is important, and our counselling sessions prepare you to be confident and ready to take on challenges head-on.

Are you still having doubts and queries? Click on the free one-on-one mentoring session with our consultant, who will clear all your doubts and help provide valuable guidance.

Final Thoughts

You have now learned about all the criteria and aspects one needs to keep in mind when deciding to select the best consultant for abroad studies. It is essential to ensure that when briefing a consultant, you are highly detail-oriented and provide proper documentation across the board.

Always do your research, go through the training process with an open mind, and follow their guidance closely.

If you are capable of greatness, then Nishchay Educorp will push your shine on the global stage, and your job is to keep growing, evolving and becoming the person your parents had the dreams to be.