The MBA Abroad Assistance Services are customized based on the candidate’s profile and career vision. The MBA Admission Services cover the following areas:

  • Critical Assessment of the candidate’s profile and background. This includes getting clarity with regard to the applicant’s short and long term career objectives.
  • Short listing of B- schools based on the candidate’s academic, personal and career profile and financial capacity.
  • Comprehensive analysis of choices keeping the individual needs in mind.
  • Assisting in strengthen the applicant’s profile to build a unique compelling narrative highlighting his/her strengths and accomplishments. This exercise includes assistance on presentation of resumes, essays, life stories, statements and related documents.
  • Suggesting activities/projects outside of the applicant’s formal working environment that may help in strengthening the applicant’s personal profile.
  • Customised assistance and support for essay and application writing.
  • Recommendation strategy to ensure that the candidates’ claims are adequately supported and ratified.
  • Interview preparation to ensure that candidates are able to present themselves well and justify their paper projection.
  • Assistance with final selection of B- School from amongst acceptances.
  • Wait list strategy if required.



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