Date: 16th March, 2016 By: Nischay Educorp   The college application process requires a lot of detailed planning and then executing that plan in a time bound manner. In the absence of a clear plan, the college application process can be a really stressful ordeal. While it is difficult to eliminate the stress completely, it

Date: 15th February, 2016 By: Nischay Educorp   “Colleges are looking for those students who are looking for them. Hence, don’t play hard to get while applying!” Almost all the admissions administrator will tell you to take prior action because that is the perfect way to show a college that you’re serious about them. But

Date: 6th February, 2016 By: Nischay Educorp   Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need to Experience Studying Abroad! 1.) Employability: It was seen that a whopping 90% of students were cited employability as an important reason to study abroad which had a great impact in improving their prospects. Student who had studied abroad had

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