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If you thought finding the perfect course in the college of your preference at the most affordable fee in just about the right time is a task that requires loads of hard work and tons of patience, you might feel greatly astonished after you set your first step in college. You might even feel emotionally cheated by life and its ways, because stepping out of comfort zone (AKA home) is the most difficult task you’d perform at any age. No prizes for guessing why this ridiculous rollercoaster of tears and laughter hit you in your face every time for the first few months. The only reason is this – it is genuinely difficult to stay away from home, and maintain your lifestyle and soothe and nurse yourself and feel happy about it.

The purpose of this blog is to help you identify the finer experiences of studying abroad in a way that helps you be more efficient and in-tune with your surroundings and culture. After all, it is all about soaking in as much and as deep in the most positive way as possible.

If you are planning to study abroad, the letter W could be your guide and best friend. Here are some stages that you will feel coming on you when you go to study overseas.

1. The first stage is a peak stage of the letter W. If you’re abroad to study in US, you’d love every visit to every little eatery. You’d want to Instagram every cup of coffee and cute cupcakes. There will be lots and lots of excursion trips and happy journeys from where you live. For instance, most students who study in Canada love to visit the US too.

2. The second stage is the low stage characterised by a certain longing for familiarity and home sickness. If you’re there to study in US, you might be craving for homemade mango pickles more often than you’d like, or you might miss the warmth of lawn grass in the winter if you’re around to study in Canada. The funny part is, none of the longings will truly be able to justify for some sullen and blue days.

3. The third stage is a peak stage again in the letter W. When you’re looking to study abroad, you might feel you’re aware of the culture and lifestyle. However, in this stage, you’d not only be aware, but successfully adapt to them and what’s more, you’d really have fun doing it!

4. This is the most difficult low stage of the letter W. When you’re out to study overseas, you might get so engrossed in their culture that returning home would feel alien to you. If you’re around to study in the US and are visiting home during the Christmas holidays, you might feel different about the home and family you have been born and brought up in.

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5. The happiest and the last stage of the letter W is when you’ve completely accepted your situation overseas and have started to appreciate the differences from your homeland. You soon shall have a sense of belonging with your family and culture.

None of the stages last for determinate periods of time and vary from individual to individual. When you’re leaving home to study overseas, be sure to enjoy every joy and sorrow that it brings to you. They’re all experiences that will give you a better understanding of life. Best of Luck!

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