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Australian higher education has become one of the world’s most coveted education systems for students planning to study abroad. This is because of Australia’s robust economy, diversity in universities and the plethora of courses they offer. Due to these reasons- and several others, Australia is one of the top choices that foreign education consultants give students who want to study overseas. We have included some top degree courses which will guide your overseas education plan

1. Engineering and Technology

Engineering and technology degrees are one of the top choices for students pursuing their study abroad both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Within this degree, there are a variety of specialisations ranging from aeronautics, civil engineering to even mining. Australian universities provide excellent education within this programme due to their strong infrastructure, research facilities and further career guidance. There are also several work opportunities after this degree for people who are interested to get experience after their overseas education.

2. Journalism

Australia has a strong media industry given the sheer influence it has worldwide. Therefore, journalism programmes in Australian universities are also desired for international students for their study abroad. Since English is the working language of Australian media, it opens wide doors to journalism students- be it print, TV or digital from different parts of the world. Aiming to study at a big city within Australia also opens doors to different internship and training opportunities alongside studies.

3. Accounting and Finance

Australia is known for big businesses and multi- national companies. Therefore, degrees related to business like accounting and finance appeal to a lot of students who study abroad. Alongside, Australia becomes a remarkable destination for these degrees since they have big business hubs like Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Big cities also have the biggest universities and often your education counsellor would advise business students to apply to such cities.

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4. Psychology

Alongside medicine and healthcare, psychology degrees are highly desired by students who want to study overseas. This is because the it holds different career prospects and high- paying jobs after graduation. In a place like Australia, psychologists excel in different arenas- sports, clinical, human resources, to name a few. Likewise, Australian universities provide diverse and very interesting psychology programmes for international students.

Australian education opens international students to a wide variety of courses, placements and opportunities which are not confined to the degrees. Hence, Australia is a top choice for most students planning to pursue overseas education.