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Being young and having the opportunity to study abroad- especially in a cultural hub like Australia, is the biggest experience you can seize in your life. However, the onset of overseas education entails living alone (maybe for the first time), making friends from around the world and adapting to a different education and lifestyle. Therefore, for international students who study overseas, extracurricular opportunities are a big addition to their studies. Such activities also help in your overall growth, career guidance and also keep you busy. Australian universities provide plenty of opportunities for international student during their study abroad and here are a few of them.

Join an international student club

A lot of universities in Australia have international student clubs because of the high percentage of incoming students from different parts of the world. It is a good idea to join these clubs to meet people from different parts of the world, share your adventures in Australia and connect with people from your home country. Joining such a club therefore helps in various ways during your study abroad to make friends and meet different people.

Travel within the country

Traveling during your study abroad is another learning experience because you learn how to live independently and get exposed to new cultures. Moreover, Australia has beautiful and unique destinations scattered all over the continent for you to visit. Explore your surroundings by booking cheap air tickets, hostels and tour guides to make your overseas education experience wholesome.

Seek leadership opportunities

Australian Universities offer different leadership positions which help you settle in quickly and add to your skills. Student representative Council positions, student ambassadors or even heading a student club can boost your confidence and even help in your career guidance. Students in these positions often find their competences which are a big boost in future career opportunities.

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Find friends with mutual hobbies

Are you interested in hiking or cooking or reading a particular genre of books? Then start your own club! In big and diverse campuses like Australian universities, finding like- minded people is not hard. Making clubs or hosting events is a great way to find friends and bond with people from different cultures. For instance, Australian campuses have eclectic sport clubs like rugby, football and cricket. Why not start a chess club? Innovative clubs can also make your study abroad experience more interesting and wholesome.

Extracurricular opportunities can make your time in an Australian Universities more dynamic and interesting. It is also a great way to find friends, learn new things about yourself and take a break from studying- your study overseas experience extends beyond the lecture hall!