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There are many stages to prepare for your study abroad which include career guidance, preparing a common application and giving the required exams. Ideally, you would start by seeking an education counsellor who guides you for the rest of the year- which courses to choose, which universities to select etc. Thereafter, when all decisions pertaining to your dream to study abroad are realised, taking the SAT is a crucial component for your application. Starting out, for instance, is a challenge because this test is unique than other high school exams. For example, the test contains three sections- critical reading, writing and math, graded on a 200-800 scale.

Moreover, managing this test during your final year in high school is also importantalongside exams, filling applications to study overseas or even career guidance. In order to ace it and make your study overseas dream come true, we have penned some tips to make the preparation process smooth and efficient.

1. Time your test well

This test is a contingent aspect of your study abroad dream and is only 3 hours and 50 minutes long. The student has to finish the three sections which are further divided into sub sections. This includes intense reading, solving mathematical equations and writing an essay. In order to finish the test, the student needs to manage their time well during practice sessions and find the average time they take for each section.

2. Practice, practice and practice

Any studentin their process to studyoverseas would advise to firstly seek career guidance and secondly, practice comprehensively for these tests. Practicing full length tests and independent sections as much as possible is ideal. The optimal way of scoring high is to answer all the questions in the given time efficiently. Rework on your weak areas but do not forget your strengths too. Practice can make you perfect!

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3. Don’t lose focus

While reading long sections of reading or solving algebraic equations, anybody can get frustrated and lose focus. But this will only lead to more frustration and choosing wrong answers! But regular practice and getting acquainted to the duration of the full test will inform your mind with the amount of focus you will require for the process.

4. Eliminate answers

Most sections in the SAT are in a multiple choice format. Experts and students advise SAT- takers to eliminate incorrect answers for a faster way of completing these sections. This is mainly helpful in the math sections where cutting off improbable answers will result in answering quicker than solving an equation. This differs from traditional exams and therefore is a useful tip when preparing for SAT.

5. Reward yourself

Give yourself short- term and long- term rewards to motivate yourself when you complete a practice test or spend the day working on a particularly difficult section. De- stress periodically by meeting friends, exercising or listening to music so that you can make every day productive.Focus on also other arenas like seeking career guidance from a local counsellor, looking for scholarships and reading about your universities for your free time.

Remember, acing the SAT is not impossible but requires a diligent work ethic. Moreover, if your first try does not result in a high score, you can take the test again! With these tips and tricks, we are sure you will achieve an amazing score and make your study abroad dream a reality!

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