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We live in Phone-Age. Going by the amount of time we spend on our phones surfing and swiping nothing at all, Smart may really not be the only thing your device may be making you. Study abroad consultants suggest installing intelligent apps would help you spend your time more constructively. Overseas education consultants recommend apps that send periodic reminders for scheduled tasks; there are puzzles and brain-teasers and then there are some whose only function is to help with learning new words.

Study abroad consultants for overseas education like these apps for different reasons so pick out the one that suits you best. Most of these apps have a cost associated, but you might also be able to find some at a reasonable price.

1. The Official SAT Question of the Day

This app for overseas education comes from the most credible sources of all – The makers of SAT themselves. Oh yes. The Official SAT Question of the Day App has last many years’ questions with answers. Study abroad consultants feel a thorough explanation of every answer is the icing on the cake. Overseas education consultants like this app because besides questions and answers, the app tries to reason how and why. Official SAT Question of the Day takes the approach of learning a little everyday – so the app churns out one question each from Math, Critical Reading, and Writing for overseas education.

2. IntellivocabLite for SAT

Overseas education consultants are of the opinion this app recognises learning to be a two way process. It tries to understand the framework of your current vocabulary and tries to be aware of word that may tick you off when taking SAT for overseas education. Study abroad consultants say IntellivocabLite is adaptable, which means it forms algorithms and semantics around how much you already know, and what all you still need to learn. Overseas education consultants like this app because it synchronises more to the users’ vocabulary as they learn. So yes, there is chance of forming a friendship with this app.

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3. SAT Up

A toppers app, SAT Up was especially created for Math Practice while studying for education overseas. Sat Up prepares you for every section of the paper which includes step-by-step explanation and detailed analytics for more than 400 questions. Overseas education consultants like this app because it calculates the standardized SAT score and generates percentile scoresof fellow students who are aspiring for your college.

4. SAT Connect

Here’s a list of overseas education tools that this app provides – 7 diagnostic tests, more than 1000 test questions with detailed explanation, 4000 words and bunch of more. SAT Connect gives you some real-time feedback, an approximation of SAT scores and keeps a record of how much time you took to answer each question. Overseas education consultants like this app because it generates a baseline percentile compared to other users taking the test.

Most of these apps are available on iOS and android platforms, so you can find the treasure trove of education with just a click!