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The process of selecting the best study abroad consultants in India is incredibly challenging and tricky due to the number of agencies that have cropped up in the past few years. It is not surprising or shocking to anyone, as middle-class wealth has significantly increased access to educational opportunities. Millions of Indians plan to study abroad and desperately need good educational consultancy services.

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Very few competent educational agencies have the sheer bandwidth and the fortitude to achieve the dream results that many envisage. So how does one search for the golden company in the sea of poorly run education consultancy? 

This blog will outline the fundamentals of selecting the best study-abroad consultant in India. Furthermore, we’ll delve into your burning questions and provide insightful answers.

Customer Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is one of the primary ways to identify an agency that delivers on its promises rather than one that simply does not. Check Google reviews, ratings, and other social media metrics to determine those with a positive outlook. Even within the sea of reviews, look for those posted most recently, verified, detailed, and may include photos.

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Another way to select the best one is by getting a recommendation from your friend who may be studying abroad and is happy with the services. A community around the Study Abroad Consultant with real engagement showcases their validity and authenticity, which you can count on.

Comprehensive Services

A good Study Abroad Consultants in India understands that their customers require a suite of services and features that can aid them through the admissions process. From coaching and communication classes to complete grooming, the field of preparations covers many aspects. They can assist in providing scholarships and loans and help in financial planning for a student’s course.

Consultants ensure that proper documentation is filled in and the student is covered in case of significant issues abroad. The best agencies aim to provide every service that a student may ever require, making them a one-stop portal for all the needs for international education.


When families hire Study Abroad Consultants in India, the first and most obvious concern for many is that they must be transparent. It is entirely understandable, given the technical nature of all the processes, and therefore, they employ empathetic counsellors. The best agencies will disclose any and all information, translating complex concepts into simplified versions to better understand how it is relevant. They spend time closely guiding and understanding every apprehension that one may encounter.

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The admission process is a sensitive period for most families, which they have been preparing and planning for years or even decades. Given the stakes and competitive nature, the best educational consultant gives straightforward advice when required but also provides confidence to the student.

Skill Set

From how a student is assessed to their future college opportunities, numbers play an essential role throughout the process, and the same is true for consultants. It is necessary to study the raw data they release regarding successful admissions accomplished and the colleges and countries they work with.

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If your academic goals are focused on one country and certain types of universities, you may be more likely to go with one agency over another. However, giving a chance to different agencies, remaining impartial and exploring your options is essential. 

Educational Qualification

Many study-abroad firms hire counsellors from top universities to gain connections with foreign universities. If you can access a counsellor who earned their master’s at your dream place, they will have strong networking skills to push you forward. They will have relationships with the recruiters and can enhance the chance of achieving your dream admissions.

Furthermore, the agencies that accept candidates from top universities also showcase their commitment to exceptional educational quality.


You have learned about some critical factors through which students can identify an exceptional study abroad agency dedicated to their success. 

All the elements focused upon are guiding factors, and doing your research and education is essential. Meet the counsellors and visit their facilities, getting a one-on-one experience to expand on possible possibilities.

Get exposure from multiple facilities to get a comparative sense between the different agencies. Make your decision based on all the signals mentioned, and follow your gut instinct to push you to sign the dotted line.

The best Study Abroad Consultants in India, like Nischay Educorp, are simply there to guide you through the journey, and the final success depends on your skills. Make the effort and preparations to achieve your dreams.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1) How Much Does A Consultant Charge For Overseas Studies?

Ans: The cost can entirely depend upon the type of university, country, and the comprehensive services you are availing. Generally, an average consultant will take about £50,000 to £150,000 to ensure you secure your spot in the dream college.

Q2) Are Study Abroad Consultants Worth It?

Ans: They are worth the cost as they bring an invaluable levy of services, knowledge, experience, and guidance. Best Study Abroad Consultant in India can significantly amplify your chances of success and being part of prestigious colleges.

Q3) How Do I Choose A Good Consultant?

Ans: If your consultant builds confidence, trust, clarity, transparency, and access to exciting offers, you have selected the perfect study abroad consultant.

Q4) Can I Study Abroad Without A Consultant?

Ans: Yes, you can apply to study abroad without a consultant, but whether it is a good idea is highly debatable. Students can scour the internet manuals, which can aid them through the process, but it can be detrimental if they make a mistake. Furthermore, given the effort required and the stakes involved, you should take the help of a consultant as the benefits outweigh the cons.

Q5) What Is The Success Rate Of Studying Abroad?  

Ans: More than 75% of applicants of study abroad programs successfully find job offerings from recruiters, and the rest get lucrative positions in India. In short, your success path is guaranteed, so it is a worthwhile endeavour with a High ROI (Return on investment).