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Come what may, a parent will always want their child to have the best education by studying in the best educational institute in the world. After high school, one always needs counselling with their further education, and that is when the need of an overseas educational consultant in Delhi arises.

There are many overseas educational consultants in Delhibut there are some things that make Nischay Educorp the best in Delhi: –

Expert Knowledge

It is important for the counsellor to have complete knowledge of all the courses across the World so that he can guide you for the course or profession best suitable for you. The counsellors at Nischay Educorp have expert knowledge and are fully trained to give you the best advice for various courses across the world. They will also guide you with the application process.


Most of the overseas educational consultantsoffer only counselling, but that is not the case with Nischay Educorp. They don’t only offer counselling but take full responsibility of the complete training process for your selected course. Their training is divided into two parts:

1. WRITTEN TEST: Nischay Educorp is one of the most well rounded overseas educational consultants,aiming to prepare you by giving various study material, practice material, model test papers, classroom coaching etc. for all the leading exams like SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc. All the recent changes are communicated to the students in advance.

2. PERSONAL INTERVIEW: All the leading educational institutions have a personal interview round wherein they interview you based on your qualifications, personality etc. Nischay Educorp prepares you for these interviews by having various mock interview trials and other methods.

College Tours

Another benefit that you have by taking services from Nischay Educorp is that, after shortlisting various colleges, they offer you college tours across the World. This tour may be taken in groups or personally. The main agenda behind this tour is that the students must get a whiff of the college, so that they don’t face any hardship in selecting the college, as the environment of the college matters as much as the course. This is considered one of the most important aspects before selecting a college.

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Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Professional courses

Most of the educational consultants in Delhionly offer counselling regarding one or two courses. However, Nischay Educorp offers counselling regarding all the courses, be it Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Professional courses. They have different counsellors with immense knowledge for different courses, so, you don’t have to wander around Delhi for different courses when it’s all available under one roof.

Various Cost Cutting Solutions

Studying overseas is not easy, and definitely not something everybody can afford. Nischay Educorp provides you with various cost cutting solutions for different countries, cities, and colleges and guides you with the best institute under your income level. Other than that they also advice you with various part-time jobs that are easy to do while studying.

Safety with the VISA Application

With the big brand name of Nischay Educorp, it is easier for you to get a visa for the country that you wish to go to. If a student applies on their own or through a small educational consultant, there are a few chances of Visa rejection. However, applying through Nischay Educorp gives you an upper hand with the whole Visa process.

The foundation that Nischay Educorp creates for your career makes them unique and the best overseas educational consultant in Delhi. So, it’s time to stop worrying about your career as Nischay Educorp takes full responsibility of providing you with the best courses under the best educational institutes across the World. They promise you the best quality services at a very reasonable rate.

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