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When studying abroad specially in the US you will always find yourself on a budget in between classes self-study and part-time jobs you should never miss out the chance to travel across the state. However, with limited budget you might have to plan your travel schedule. While foreign education consultants can help you achieve a beneficial scholarship, the travelling cost remain a major hurdle for students who want to study abroad.

When applying for overseas education, study abroad consultants play a vital role in helping you through the admission process. Not only will they provide you with the information about the best scholarships available and help you through the loan application process, they will also include small details which are otherwise overlooked in this extremely lengthy admission process. One such very important factor which you might ignore is the travelling you have to undertake while you study overseas. Over the one or two years of your overseas education plan, you will have a lot of holidays and breaks during which you will want to travel back to your home town.

While scholarships cover your tuition fees and sometimes even accommodation, travelling remains a major expense that is hardly ever covered in any scholarships or loans. Students from Asian countries specially have to spend a lot for travelling to western countries once they decide to study overseas. When the expensive air tickets are burning a hole in your pocket, the expertise of study abroad consultants will come in. They will help you nook tickets well in advance and pre-inform about any upcoming schemes that will make the travelling costa little cheaper for you. With their years of experience, they can predict the changes in the air fares and help you make your travel plans accordingly. And like the popular saying goes, “Money saved is money earned,” saving some money on these expenses will definitely come in handy later.

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Another way in which you can utilise the expertise and experience of your foreign education consultants is by enquiring about possible job opportunities during your holidays. Instead of travelling back home every time your classes are suspended, you should try to find jobs that would require you to travel across the States and thus give you the opportunity to explore foreign and while gaining work experience. You should try to make the mist out of the chance you have gotten to study abroad. Study abroad consultants will be your best guide in this field. They will be able to instruct you the best in terms of building your CV, applying for internships and then making a plan that will fetch your knowledge and experience while also being an adventurous alternative to staying at home during your holidays.

Foreign education consultants are best equipped to find you opportunities in cities that ensure growth and networking. By stepping into the practical world of jobs and internships, you will get a fair picture of the market expectations. Also, the kind of practical training your will gain by working in real-world competition will be unparalleled. For grabbing such opportunities, you will need to travel across the US and land jobs in parts of the continent that might be far away from where you study. But with appropriate guidance from study abroad consultants, you will be able to form a schedule that will give you ample time to work, yet not compromising with your classes or studies.

The idea is to find a balance between work and leisure time and employ all your available resources optimally while you study overseas. While you undertake your travel plans, you will also have to be conscious about your budget. And if you are on a shoestring budget, the help of study abroad consultants will be a welcome guidance through which you will be able to travel more by spending minimal money.