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Can you tell me who’s the best foreign education consultants in Delhi? I have an interview next week; can you give me a list of top overseas education consultants in Delhi? This is the status quo in the lives of teenagers and adults across the country just so they can get a taste of overseas education in all their glory.

Looking for an overseas education consultant?

Applications have already begun flooding in colleges and universities worldwide of India applicants who are looking to apply their trades in MBA, engineering, finance, accounting, sports, arts and a million other courses. Why? Because in most developed foreign countries, every inch of talent has a good value and nothing goes unaccounted for.

Basically, you wouldn’t see computer engineers being traded for pennies in other developed countries. Let’s not divert from the main premise of this article though.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the world of those who’re looking for an overseas education consultant i.e. those who’re looking to pursue their academics internationally. The fact that there are so many myths flooding about further adds to the tension and skeptical nature of the general folk. Here’s a look at some of these myths which have long troubled young fragile minds since time immemorial:

1. Going abroad is the answer to everything

You can’t just head over to the office of an overseas education consultant right after you’ve received your school/college grades i.e. going abroad won’t cure failure with the flip of a page.

“Oh, I will study in the next semester; if it doesn’t pan out, I’ll move abroad”.” Let me join these football classes; in any case, I’m going abroad”. Well, this is definitely not the way to go. With this attitude, you might not even make the minimum grades required for your university abroad.

This is what most foreign education consultants in Delhi struggle with; giving their clients’ poor academic performance some sense of credibility.

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2. Studying overseas will dig a huge hole in our pockets

This is one of the biggest myths rolling around in the education system to this date. Not every country has an expensive education system. All you need to do is research and research well.

Good countries like Norway, Denmark and Sweden offer credible educational courses at negligible prices. Universities of such countries are under the jurisdiction of the government and this is their way of encouraging more and more students to pick up honorable courses with them. This is where you want to partner up with a reputable overseas education consultant who can put you in the right direction.

3. I can easily study, get a job, earn big and come back

Gone are those days when you can just sit back and relax in another country hoping to earn big bucks and returning as a millionaire.

For graduation or post-graduation, you need to fulfill all kinds of criteria before you get the nod – a healthy high school academic performance, good diction; and as every overseas education consultant will tell you, there are exams like GMAT, IRE, IELTS, TOEFL and much more.

Even if you go through, getting a job is an entirely different game altogether. No matter how strong international ties are, every country wants their own population to prosper first. Get the gist?

4. Studying abroad gives me a stronger chance of getting a good job in my homeland

This is again a thought in the wrong direction. What if the course that you pick abroad has little or no value in your native country? Or if the university that you’ve picked hasn’t been recognized by your national education boards.

The fact that you’ve come back without a job might even be considered as a weak mark of your experience there.

This is where good foreign education consultants in Delhi come in handy.

5. I will definitely adjust like duck to water

New country – New people – New environment – New language – New friends – New house – Different culture – Different weather patterns – Different everything. There’s so much you have to deal with on a daily basis, especially in the initial few months.

Hence, thinking that you wouldn’t take time adjusting is just some shoddy consolation you’re giving yourself.

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