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Date: 23rd March, 2016 By: Nischay Educorp

Preparing yourself well for a new beginning in a new country is essential. This makes the settling down process faster and easier. This is the first hand information from a parent. Here are 10 Tips For Students Admitted In International Universities:


1. Travel Documents:

Check well in advance whether you have a valid passport and visa to the country you will be making home for the next few years. Keep a copy or two at different locations and have electronic access as well.

Tip: Ideally passport should be valid for the complete duration of your study period. Visa is issued as per the passport validity.


2. Medical Records, Health Insurance and Medicine:

Carry your vaccination records, any prescriptions for ongoing medication and medical insurance coverage.

Tip: Take initial insurance coverage from your own country. All universities have a recommended medical insurance plan. Take this plan for your study period.


3. Local Connect:

It is important to connect with other students who have been accepted to the same university as yours and preferably to the same program.

Tip: Most universities have a social media presence for the new students accepted in that year. Join these groups.


4. Tickets:

Buy tickets in advance to get economical fares and the dates of your choice.

Tip: Many airlines allow additional baggage to first time student travelers.


5. Accommodation:

Research on available university and outside stay options. Choose the dorm/residence as per your lifestyle – suite-style with kitchen, traditional-style with furnished room, food options, distance from classrooms, fees etc.

Tip: If you have a friend going to the same university, give the preference to stay with him in the university dorm/residence form.


6. Money Matters:

Carry traveling cheques or cash in destination country currency, sufficient to survive for a month. Open a bank account once you are settled in dorm/residence.

Tip: Choose a bank which has branches in your university. Take necessary documentation like student ID/passport, university acceptance letter etc. for opening the account.


7. Local Laws & Customs:

Get familiar with local laws and customs. Always be sensitive to local customs when you are abroad. Female students can face particular issues around security.

Tip: Have a friend who you are responsible for, and vice versa.


8. Student Orientation:

Attend the university organized orientation programs. You get to meet your seniors and professors during that time.

Tip: You also get familiarized with surroundings before the session starts.


9. Study:

Study hard as that is what you are going abroad for. It might take time to adjust to the big change in teaching style. Perseverance is the key.

Tip: There will be distractions at every stage and it is important to maintain a balance of work and play.


10. Economical Food Options:

Eat well. That is the key to success. Learn to cook if you like cooking. Many times tiffin services are available at cheap prices.

Tip: Share with a couple of friends to get better rates.

Have fun and enjoy your new venture!

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