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Date: 6th February, 2016
By: Nischay Educorp
Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need to Experience Studying Abroad!

1. Employability

It was seen that a whopping 90% of students were cited employability as an important reason to study abroad which had a great impact in improving their prospects. Student who had studied abroad had a lower rate of unemployment after graduation as compared to the students who didn’t. They also earned higher: up to $7,000 more per year, in fact and were likely to be seen working in scientific, educational and technical fields.

2. Personal Growth

It is actually very important to broaden your horizons and studying abroad does exactly that for you. Many students said that studying abroad revamped their self confidence and independence. Students in the focus group had the eagerness to travel, and spend time in new experiences which also gave them the understanding of other cultures.

3. Language Skills

A good reason to study abroad can be for learning a new language! A majority of students with language degrees confirmed that developing their language skills was a very important motivation.

Figure 1: Importance of improving language skills with respect to the discipline of study

4. Makes You a Better Leader

“Studying and living abroad is a must, not just to acquire language skill, but in order to become truly bi-cultural. In a global economy even if the business is done with less boundaries the culture remains local”, says Alain Benichou, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in France and vice president of Strategy & Solutions at IBM in Paris. Bi-Cultural people have a reinforced skill to carefully weigh the value of alternative perspectives. Viewing things from a different perspective and executing them into a coherent whole by fusing in different ideas. Bi-Cultural people have significance for a number of tasks like powerful data search, high patience for vague information, less sensitivity to information overload, which makes you a better leader.

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5. Flexibility and Innovation

The immersion in a new culture gives students a sense of maturity. Dealing with the unknowns and understanding a new way of life provides excellent skills in terms of building flexibility. Both these put together are very important for a leader who is dealing with the new volatile and uncertain world. The new experiences and the daily flexibility open up one’s mind and provide a new thought process. The synthesis of knowledge brings about innovations that would not have been possible without this synthesis.


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