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Date: 15th February, 2016
By: Nischay Educorp
“Colleges are looking for those students who are looking for them. Hence, don’t play hard to get while applying!”

Almost all the admissions administrator will tell you to take prior action because that is the perfect way to show a college that you’re serious about them.
But this move does not work for everyone. Applying in advance is surely not the only way show your interest in a specific college.

What is that you shall do then? Here are 5 impressive tips to get accepted to your first choice of school:

1. Reassess Your Personal Essay

Stop whining. College application essay is the tipping point for your college application. If you have good test scores, GPA and demonstrated an active life in your extracurricular activities, then your acceptance depends on your essay! If you think you have a better story and want to get into your first choice of school, then we highly recommend rewriting.

2. Do Not Just Be a Joiner if you want to get accepted to your first choice of school

Top colleges are looking for all-round student bodies of individual specialists: the basketball player, the writer. “Get involved in fewer activities wholeheartedly over time, rather than 10 or 11 superficially,” to make an impact.

3. Submit Relevant Recommendations

According to the Dean of admissions and financial aid at Harvard College, William R. Fitzsimmons, “Recommendation from secondary school teachers and counselors are extremely important.” They read the recommendations with great care and often comment on them in writing on read sheets for each application. Hence, get recommendations from people who know you well.

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4. Work the Waitlist

You will have to deal with unpredictability. Colleges have a hard time to figure out how many accepted students will show up on the first day of classes. Many colleges strategically use the wait list, taking a number of students from it to improve their stats. Hence, make sure you stay in touch with the admissions office and making clear that you’ll attend if you’re accepted if you want to get accepted to your first choice of school.

5. Keep in Touch with Admissions Office

Be active on their connecting pages. Contact the admissions office only If you have a pressing concerns. However, the admissions officers won’t be able to tell you the specifics about your file, but there a few things you can conclude yourself by talking to them.


You must follow these 5 tips to get accepted to your first choice of school.

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