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While there is not definitive way of measuring schools against each other and ranking them, certain pre-assumed touchstones are used by educators and researchers to create list of universities that are potentially the best in their own fields. All aspects, from infrastructure to syllabi, faculty to fee structure and placement possibilities etc. are taken into account before any university is ranked to be at the top. In the world of creative influence like game designing, this ranking becomes even more subjective. And though you can surf through the internet to find answers as to which universities are at the top in the field of game designing, the more reliable way to come to a certain decision is to seek career counselling.

Across all popular review lists, University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) is the top ranked university for under-graduate programs for game design. Followed by it, in the top five ranks are Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY), University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT), DigiPen Institute of Technology (Redmond, WA) and Becker College (Worcester, MA). And it goes without saying that securing a seat at these top universities is not easy. However, with appropriate career guidance you can get all the help you need to study abroad.

Opting for career counsellors in Delhi will give you an idea of all the top universities, their eligibility criteria and application processes, etc. Each university has its unique program and consequently, varying rules of application, selection and acceptance. With the pressure of making the right career choices, choosing the right university which is not only suits your expectations from the course but also is in your budget and a city of your preference. With career counselling, you can analyse various courses and universities that offer them through the perspective of the years of expertise and experience that your counsellor has. You can hardly ever go wrong with our choices if you opt for career guidance to study abroad.

Career counsellors in Delhi will not only give you an insight into the various courses and universities but also guide through the complicated application processes with ease. Seeking career guidance will also update you about the latest changes in the demand of the professionals and the most lucrative courses. It will help you understand which courses have the most promising careers and help you make a decision that will be beneficial in the long run too.

Another important aspect you have to consider if you want to study abroad is finances. With career guidance, you will find out about all feasible options of student loans and scholarships. The expertise of your counsellor will help you make the right choice in terms of source of finance. Sometimes, you might have to curb your preferences and choices because of lack of appropriate funding. But if you seek career counselling, you will have access to a lot more options in terms of colleges and courses. You will not have to adjust your career plans and can avail the benefits of scholarships and loans. Your counsellor will help you prepare an impressive portfolio that will open the doors to scholarships.

Everyone is aware about the complicated admission processes that these international universities have. Without appropriate guidance, you might feel a little lost. However, if you consult a career counsellor, you will get career guidance on not only selecting the university of your choice but also ensuring that you get selected in the university. They will prepare you all the rounds of entrances, interviews and tests and give you tips that will help you crack the most difficult of the selection processes.

Thus, if you plan to study abroad and pursue game designing, you should immediately seek career counselling in Delhi and get an idea of which universities across the world will help you advance in your career.