Director, Nischay Educorp

Rajni Kakkar is the Director of Nischay Educorp. Rajni Kakkar has over 18 years of experience in fields of international career and education consulting. She previously served as the Vice president of a large education consulting company. She has travelled extensively and guided a large numbers of aspirants to leading US universities at both, the undergraduate and graduate levels.

She is passionate about mentoring aspirants for admissions into the top ranked US universities and grooming them for successful international careers. She believes that students have to open their minds and prepare for a more analytical thought process to be successful in a global setting. She has successfully guided a large number of students into the leading universities of the US including the Ivy League, MIT, Cal-tech, Stanford, Yale and the UCs, U Toronto, UBC, McGill and other universities of Canada and the top 10 in UK.